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RBW GOLDI FRS PTY LTD is a fresh fruit, vegetable, Potatoes, Rice and foodstuff exporting company, which also devoted to growing its own fruit, and committed to supply high quality products to international markets on a permanent basis. We have a long - term commitment to excellence, both in products and service. The adoption of new technology and expertise is directed to meet the latest requirements of the international markets in a timely manner. Our fruit, vegetable, potatoes and rice exports are characterized their consistency and excellence.
Driving our business to serve client's needs is an absolute priority. We will continue to build on our core capabilities while researching the innovative methods that will shape our company for the years to come. The one aspect that is for sure is that we will go extra miles to keep us qualitatively ahead in the industry, because at RBW GOLDI FRS PTY LTD we have a passion for quality. We are a top line exporter and processor of fresh fruits since 20 years. We have ben supplying our products to various markets of the world. We export fresh Kinno Mandarin Oranges (washed and waxed), mangoes and fresh vegetables, Potatoes and Rice.
Our moral obligation is to recognize our client's expectation and fulfill them; we intend that the name RBW GOLDI FRS PTY LTD shall be forever synonymous with the best in taste and quality, both nationally and internationally. We are committed to maintain our advance quality control capabilities by taking every step forward in quality & time management, and this is a contribution we intend to make today & beyond.